Monday, October 10, 2011

Taking A Break From It All

Ridin' Buddy
This past weekend I pretty much took off from the bike. I didn't do much riding, but I did do some.

I did some important stuff instead, like hanging out with my awesome wife and two kids. I did do a bit of home work, getting some items for winter done. I got a hair cut. I hung out with some friends. I grilled out. I had a few beers.

Like I said, I did ride a little bit. I also did some bike maintenance/work as well. My ride on the Origin 8 Paladin was to figure out an issue with the rear derailleur. Turns out the derailleur hangar is slightly bent, so I'll have to get the thing straightened out before I can seriously dirt ride the thing. Oh weighs a hair over 19lbs now as it sits.  Crazy isn't it?

Then I rode a bit with my son. He hasn't been doing a lot of riding of late. School, and chores keep him busy, and of course, the days are getting shorter. But I bugged him all day Sunday to go out with me until he relented and said yes.

Even without riding a bunch, I see him catching on to things and he is doing stuff now he couldn't have dreamed of doing back a few months ago. Kids are awesome learners. It's really fun to watch him grow up. And, he's a pretty good ridin' buddy too! 

Whelp....back at it this week. I've got tubeless tires mounted, and bikes to test, and more. Can't wait!

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